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Welcome to the United States Baby Patent Office (USBPO) at YourNameUniversity.com. The USBPO was created to allow parents from all over the United States to receive a unique patent number and accompanying certificate for their own children. Our Baby Patents are available for children and adults alike of any age! It's never too late to purchase a friend or family member a US Baby Patent. And as long as the purchaser has the full name, mailing address, and correct birthday of the individual the patent is being applied for, anyone can buy a USBPO Patent.

Our patents are good for life and, unlike real patents issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), there is never a need to renew them!

USBPO patent certificates offer a truly unique and creative gift opportunity for everyone. The best thing about our Baby Patents is the price. Starting at only $5.99 each (plus shipping/ handling and applicable sales tax). A sample patent certificate with a basic white background is shown below.

Now... Let's get started on your Baby Patent Certificate using only 6 QUICK & EASY STEPS!!

THE OBLIGATORY AND SADLY NECESSARY LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The United States Baby Patent Office (USBPO) is a non-existent, non-governmental organization that was created as a marketing device for the unique novelty gift Baby Patent certificates sold by this website. The USBPO is NOT affiliated with any actual government affiliation (either Local, State or Federal) and is not issued or endorsed by any Local, State or Federal government agencies or departments. The unique Baby Patent numbers assigned with each certificate have NO value whatsoever and are used solely to enhance the novelty and gift aspects of the certificates. If for some reason, you still think the USBPO is real, we are at a loss on how to explain it to you any clearer that it is not.


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